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 If you've just met her:
  • Very kind, sweet, and encouraging
  • Little weird, though. Something about her tone makes it seem like she doesn't quite get talking with people.
  • Tends to mess with the ground around her if she gets too emotional about something.
If you've known her a little while:

  • She's very comfortable with magic and very skilled with it.
  • A little too skilled. She has trouble holding it back.
  • She's very in love with Greg Universe.
  • Very interested in hearing about people.
  • She does not hide that she's a Gem and her body is made of light.
  • Or that she's much, much older than any human.
  • She's the leader of a team called the Crystal Gems, and stops magical monsters and protects people. 
    • She won't ever say where the monsters came from, though.
    • Or where Gems came from.
    • Or a lot of stuff, really.
  • Rose has a lot of secrets, about who she is and what she's done, and she's not going to divulge them easily. If at all.

If you've lived with her:
  • Your name is Greg, and you already know almost everything.

IC Inbox!

Aug. 3rd, 2015 04:03 pm
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Okay, now how do I- oh, it's already running. Hello! This is Rose Quartz. I'm very, very sorry that I can't answer you right now, but please, leave me a message and I promise I'll get back to you as fast as I can!


Jul. 3rd, 2015 06:42 pm
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Mun name: Hayvel
Age: 24
Pronouns: He/him
Other characters: Nope!

Name: Rose Quartz
Canon: Steven Universe
Canon point: Not long before she decided to have Steven with Greg
Appearance: Huge and pink and curly
Age: Thousands and thousands of years.
Gender: Identifies as female
Personality: Rose Quartz, leader of the Crystal Gems, is about everything you could ask for in a leader. She's strong, and brave, and kind, and would give her life to protect others, even those who some would consider beneath her. She's had a remarkable impact on just about anyone that's ever truly gotten to know her, and is idolized by her fellow Crystal Gems.

She always sees beauty and value in things that many people would take for granted. That's what led to her rebelling against Homeworld, after all. While most Gems thought life on Earth was inconsequential, and worth wiping out to create more Gems, Rose saw how wrong it was to just kill them.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that she truly... respected humans, as equals. She protected them, wanted to help them, found them fascinating... but in a similar way to how a human might feel about a dog. In her thousands of years on Earth, she had always lived in seclusion. Apart from humanity. She never truly took the time to get to know anyone. While Rose and the other Gems interacted with them occasionally, they still put up fences, and tried to keep humans away.

Things changed when she met Greg, though. She got to know him, and got to know what humans are like. She's more willing to sit down and really listen to a human now, rather than being, well... kind of condescending. And, obviously, she's even willing to give up her own existence, to bring a new life into the world. One that will be a mix of human and gem.

Despite her kindness, however, it shouldn't be forgotten that she was a leader in a war against a superior force! (And probably a leader long before that, as well.) She's a very skilled fighter and tactician, and while she would prefer to solve things peacefully, if she does not feel a peaceful solution is possible, she won't hesitate to use force, especially if someone else's safety is at stake.

Not to say that she's always The Serious Leader, of course. She can be a bit silly sometimes, can make jokes, and she can have fun. Rose is perfectly capable of putting important Crystal Gem matters on hold to set up and perform a music video for her boyfriend, after all!

History: Much of Rose's past is a bit of mystery, and one that she's not exactly keen to share. The true details of why she's on Earth, and why she does what she does are something that she'd rather humans not know, as a great deal of it is... unpleasant. Here's what we do know, however, and what can be pieced together.

For a very, very, veeeery long time, there has been an advanced race of aliens known as Gems, who are, well. Gems, obviously, which are in some way alive, and project bodies around themselves. They're able to travel faster than light, and move between worlds in a matter of seconds, with the help of a network of Warp Pads, and one of the planets they visited was Earth. They were there for quite a long time, long enough to set up a bustling infrastructure on the planet, while living in peace with the native people. Or, at worst, they were indifferent to the life on Earth. Then, something happened to upset things.

Gems found a way to make more Gems, by planting them beneath the ground, where they'd suck up all the energy and life in the area before emerging. They'd planned to leave the Earth as a dead, empty husk, devoid of any kind of life other than Gems. But they never made it that far.

After the creation of the first of these installations, called Kindergarten, Rose Quartz rebelled. She raised an army, calling themselves the Crystal Gems, and led them into battle against the Homeworld Gems. They stopped the Kindergarten, and eventually managed to force them off the planet, destroying the Galaxy Warp so that they couldn't come back. At least, not easily.

Things weren't over, though. While Rose's leadership and powers had managed to protect some of her closest friends, there were still hundreds, possibly even thousands of Gems that had fallen in the war. Broken, shattered, or corrupted in some way... whether they were aligned with Rose Quartz or the Homeworld, these Gems were now a danger to everything else around them.

So began the process of her, Garnet, and Pearl- the only two (or three, depending on how you look at it) Crystal Gems she'd managed to save- finding and stopping these Gems, keeping them in bubbles so they wouldn't hurt anyone. While Rose tried to find ways to heal them, and return them to their former selves, she was never actually successful.

They'd also make occasional checkups on the Galaxy Warp and Kindergarten, making sure they were still non-functional- though, the first time they visited the Kindergarten, they found something they hadn't been expecting to find. Another Gem, one that'd been created in the Kindergarten, and emerged late. Rose recognized that this Gem didn't have anything to do with what had happened there, though- it wasn't her fault that she was created like this, and so befriended her, and invited this new Gem, Amethyst, to join the other Crystal Gems.

And that's how things went for thousands of years. Rose and the others built a temple by a beach to live in, while going out into the world, tracking down dangerous Gem artifacts, and stopping corrupted Gems. Eventually, humans built a city by their temple, and the Gems put up a moat- but it wasn't very threatening without a crocodile, so they put up a fence instead. That seemed to keep the humans away pretty well.

At least, until one of them played a concert by the beach, and attracted Rose's attention. A human by the name of Greg Universe, who immediately became infatuated with the giant woman, who crossed over the fence to see her, and tell her that he wanted to be with her. She initially tried to push him away, telling him that she won't let him give up on his life and dreams to be with her, even if she did want to spend time with him- but he refused, saying that all he wanted was to be with her. So, they got together, and started dating.

Yes, it was love at first sight- which, as Garnet has noted, doesn't actually exist... While they got along, and had fun together, Rose didn't exactly hide the fact that she was, well. Playing with him. He was fun, and cute, and seemed to treat the relationship as a fun game- one that she's played with other humans in the past. That wasn't enough for Greg, though. After an ill-advised attempt to connect with her through magical dancing and fusing, he settled for connecting with her in another way. Talking.

They got to know each other. The good, and the bad, and they accepted each other. She truly fell in love, both with him, and with humanity.

Then she gives up her physical form, in order to properly give birth to and create Steven, and become a mother, but. That hasn't happened for her yet. It's a thought she's had, but nothing she's committed to yet, for this particular version of her.

Aspirations: Her goal here is the same as it's been for thousands of years- protecting people.
Fears: Nothing in particular... She's mostly worried about those close to her getting hurt.
Inventory: One large pink sword.

Magic: Earth
Reason: I wanted to give her something different from the protective and healing abilities she seems to mostly specialize in- something pretty much inherently destructive, that she can't use without somehow damaging things around her. Also, well. It seems like it'd be a nice complement to Greg's florakinesis, and I do enjoy the idea of them working together with their powers.

RP samples: A test drive!
Some dear player stuff!

Did she really want to give up her life for this?

It's a question that Rose had been thinking about for a while now, one that'd been gnawing away at her ever since Greg had mentioned wanting to have kids someday off-handedly. He'd quickly realized the impossibility of it with someone like Rose almost as soon as he said it, and awkwardly tried to change the subject, but. It'd planted a thought in her head. Was it really that impossible?

Their bodies were illusions, but they were very solid, very intricate illusions, nearly identical to the human body. They could eat, sleep, feel pain... just about everything a human could do, they were capable of doing as well, even if they didn't have to. So... could she maybe have a child...?

She'd be capable of being pregnant, she's almost certain. But giving birth... having it separate from herself... No, there's no way it'd be possible. It'd be partially human, yes, but part of it would be her, too. It wouldn't be able to exist separate from her. If she wanted to truly have a baby... She'd have to give up her physical form, so that her gem could sustain them instead.

Rose hasn't told any of the others about these thoughts yet. How could she, after all? She'd sound insane, wanting to give up her life for a briefly lived human. Pearl especially, has made it quite clear that she doesn't exactly approve of Greg... Pearl's feelings on that matter have always been an issue that Rose was never quite sure how to deal with. One of many, really.

But, isn't that part of reproduction for humans? Trying to make the world a better place, future generations building upon the works of the past, always improving despite their limited existence on this small planet... She's seen just how far they've progressed since she first visited this world. Especially since Greg opened her eyes to just how incredible they are, even in the small, personal ways, how deeply good parents care for and raise their children...

Maybe that's what the Crystal Gems need? Someone new to hold the Rose Quartz gem, to do things she never would have dreamed, to look at things from a perspective she could never experience... Maybe they could solve all the problems she was never able to. They'd be a whole new form of life, after all... Who knows what they'd be capable of?

The more she thinks about it, the more she can't get the thought out of her head. By now, her room is littered with imagined versions of what her child with Greg might look like- each one possessing her gem on their stomach. She sighs, standing up, dispelling the illusions back into pink clouds. She should at least talk about this with Greg- she still doesn't even know how he'd react, after all, if he'd be okay with Rose giving up her form so that he can have a child...

Notes: I think it'd make sense for her to still have all the abilities that come with being a Gem? Reforming, shapeshifting, superhuman strength and endurance, summoning a weapon. Like, those are all things that Gems are just inherently capable of, for the most part. All the magic abilities unique to the Rose Quartz gem would definitely be gone, however, and her shield is completely useless and easily penetrated by the Nox, or other magic. Any shapeshifting also wouldn't really accomplish much in a fight other than maybe reaching further and probably isn't something she'd use much anyway. And she's still perfectly capable of suffering a fatal injury by someone either landing a direct hit on her gem or finishing it off after she's been poofed? Obviously though some or all of those powers could be negated as well, though, if they'd give her a little too much of an edge or something.


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